2015 Gigs

  • Jan 24th Gary Reader Notts Contemporary
  • March 26th Gary Reader No.5
  • March 14th Gary Reader Pelican
  • March 19th Gary Reader No.5
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2014 Gigs

  • Jan 9th Gary Reader No.5
  • Feb 12th Gary Reader No.5
  • Feb 26th Quad with Karen
  • March 12th Gary Reader No.5
  •  March 19th DMDJ Duo at Quad
  • April 4th DMDJ Duo at Spa Inn
  • April 9th Gary Reader No.5
  • April 17th Quad with Karen
  • April 25th at Goodlifes with Gary Reader
  • May 1st Gary Reader Malt Cross
  • May 4th Gary Reader Lion
  • May 17th Gary Reader Notts Contemporary
  • June 11th Gary Reader No.5
  • July 6th Gary Reader Kelso
  • July 9th Gary Reader No.5
  • Aug 14th Gary Reader No.5
  • Oct 16th Gary Reader No.5
  • Nov 13th Gary Reader No.5
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Pedalboard Update

I should know by now that pedalboards are never finished. Here’s the latest incarnation:


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New music

Quick one…I’m currently working on some new ideas for composition, I will expand in time; it is based on polytonal concepts. There are links to my Soundcloud and more on my Facebook music page,  please add me!

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New Pedalboard

New Pedalboard

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Jazz or not?

Lately I’ve been continuing practice concerning my left hand position, nothing really specific just playing through my assembled book of violin etudes/studies which are great as they get you out of ruts, improve sight reading and improve digital dexterity and independence. They seem to have left an imprint on my playing harmonically though which I didn’t expect and there seems to be a more of a third stream sound to the things I’m attempting which I’m digging. It led me on to really try and evaluate the overall sound of my playing and reach some interesting conclusions. I’ve always struggled to convey the blues in my playing, weirdly for a jazzer I’m not a massive fan but before we go any further I need to qualify this!

My initial introduction to jazz was through the early 90’s acid jazz scene and the reissuing of loads of great long forgotten jazz/funk gems through labels such as luv’n’haight and Giles Peterson etc so you have to understand that whole scene is founded in the blues and from there I got really into various Blue Note things and it grew from there. At this time I discovered Grant Green who to this day is one of my favourite players who is so steeped in the blues I doubt he could have existed without it.

The last paragraph is to inform you of how important I think the blues are to almost all the jazz I listened to initially and beyond; but there is a problem with it.

I just don’t really feel a blues inflection when I play and I don’t think I can really articulate the feeling with any passion so essentially my style looking at it objectively (is that possible?) is blues-less. Now if you speak to virtually any jazz musician they will no doubt tell you that jazz without blues just isn’t jazz so maybe I’m heading down a path of moving away from jazz possibly and into the amorphous world of something else.

But ultimately I don’t care, this is the other thing I discovered. Words and categorisations and meaningless to the creative process so I’ll carry on my bluesless jazz existence and be happy about it without shouldering a guilt of not being to do that bit of playing very well.

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2013 Gigs

  • Jan 10th Moja Quartet  
  • Jan 16th Quartet with Karen at Rev de Cuba, Derby
  • Jan 17th w/Gary Reader as Duo
  • Jan 31st w/Gary Reader as Duo
  • Feb 7th w/Gary Reader as Duo
  • Feb 14th Tea Curfew at 5
  • Feb 28th w/Gary Reader as Duo
  • March 7th Tea Curfew at 5
  • March 21st Matt Ratcliffe trio
  • March 28th Gtr duo No.5
  • April 11th Moja Quartet at 5
  • April 12th Nice, France
  • April 13th Nice, France
  • April 18th Gtr duo No.5
  • April 24th Duo with Karen at Quad
  • April 26th Trio with Karen at Wigley
  • May 9th Gary Reader Duo at 5
  • May 16th DM&DJ at 5
  • May 23rd Gary Reader Duo at 5
  • June 6th Gary Reader Duo at 5
  • June 13th DM&DJ at 5
  • June 15th DM&DJ at 5
  • June 27th Gary Reader Duo at 5
  • July 4th DM&DJ at 5
  • July 6th Notts Contemporary with Moja Quartet
  • July 11th GR at 5
  • July 18th GR at 5
  • Aug 8th GR at 5
  • Aug 11 GR at Kelso
  • Aug 14th Moja 4tet Lescar
  • Aug 15th DM&DJ at 5
  • Aug 18th Moja at Lion
  • Aug 22nd GR at 5
  • Sept 5th GR at 5
  • Sept 6th DM&DJ at Young Ideas
  • Sept 12th DM&DJ at 5
  • Sept 15th GR at Midas Leics
  • Sept 19th GR at 5
  • Sept 26th GR at 5
  • Oct 23rd Duo with Karen at Quad
  • Oct 31st GR at 5
  • Nov 5th with Moja at Dexters Nottingham
  • Nov 8th GR at Goodliffes L’boro
  • Nov 14th DM&DJ at 5
  • Nov 24th Moja at Measham
  • Nov 28th Moja at Cookie Jar
  • Dec 1st DM&DJ at Young Ideas
  • Dec 6th DM&DJ at Young Ideas
  • Dec 13th Solo at Artsmith
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Pinhole Pics

I’ve always liked the unpredictable and abstract when it comes to pictures and photos so I made a pinhole lens cap for my Canon EOS 350D and the results are great. You have to use a long shutter speed of course usually between (2s and 10s depending on available light). The images have a eerie dreamlike quality to them and you can never really tell how they will turn out.

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2 New Videos

I was trying to get a good recording of “Wally’s Waltz” earlier and as a break I started blowing over A Love Supreme just trying to cleanse my brain from thinking and even though it wasn’t a good take I decided to put up the short clip as it features a cameo from my beloved Dizzy the cat on the back of the chair.

A little later I managed to get an almost clean version of Wally’s Waltz.

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Effects Followup

I’ll keep updating this as I get chance to try them all out (might take a while)

Ibanez DSC10 Digital Chorus
My initial concerns were unfounded and if anything it’s better than I remember. With the settings on max width,  low speed and color (sic) set to max the sound is very lush and smooth without completely hijacking the sound (like Boss and pretty much every other one I’ve tried) Very usuable in this way, very little discernable modulation and no loss in bass like so many others. As you bring the Color (sic) control anti clockwise the effect starts to become more apparent but still within the realms of taste.  As it’s digital it’s very quiet, I would never have an analogue chorus over this one. I can’t really find fault so 10/ 10

Guitar Tech GTE005 Active Volume Pedal
I thought this would be a safe bet but I don’t like the steep curve of the volume, too much too late in the sweep. Shame because it’s a good price and solid. Will sell it on I think.

To be continued…..

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