Soulive YT Clips

I’ve been digging deeper into the tunes of Soulive and have done a couple of clips. Some dodgy timing, I MUST improve this..!

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Adam Rogers “Bobo” solo transcription

I’ve only recently come across Adam Rogers and he’s a great player, check out the clips of him on Youtube.

Click here!

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“Encuentros” transcription by John McLaughlin

A great solo from the “After The Rain” album with Joey DeFrancesco and Elvin Jones. What do you mean you haven’t got it?!

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Head to “Taurus People”

As found on the album “Live at The Lighthouse” by Elvin Jones. This album has caught my ear recently with it’s great free blowing and powerful execution. I’m still absorbing it, but really wanted to learn the head to this straight away, so I transcribed it as I’m still waiting for the Lighthouse Omnibook to tun up. Enjoy 

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“Relaxin’ at Camarillos” solo by Clay Moore

I love this solo because it is a great example of tension and release and how to use it effectively. Clay deftly manages to play within the changes in parts and float above them in others, creating some great lines along the way. Rhythmically it is also interesting – see how he uses 3/4 over the 4/4 metre in the opening few bars. Look out for the motif development (bars 18-24, 35+36 etc) the sign of a player at ease and really having a good musical conversation.Check Clay out at

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“I Remember You” solo by Tal Farlow

Not as harmonically wild as Bergonzi’s version of course, but just great lines over the standard. Not sure why Tal’s playing appeals to me because I’m listeing to more horn players at the moment but I think that might be it, after listening to Tal’s solos he seems to play with a horn players sensibility rather than a guitarists. Look at the leaps between scale type passages and a disregard for playing in the same area of the guitar, pure genius.

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Jerry Bergonzi “Just Friends”

Same deal as below really. This one cleverly combines elements of Coltrane’s subs into the chord progression. You really ought to buy Live Gonz & Live Gonz II and listen to Jerry play on this, it’s killing!

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Jerry Bergonzi “I Remember You”

I’ve been listening to loads of Jerry Bergonzi lately, the way he addresses jazz improvisation is extremely creative and unique, the music just flows as it takes unexpected and difficult twists and turns. This is equally true of his compositions which in lesser hands may sound forced or wrong, but he snakes his way through them with style.
Of particular interest lately has been the albums “Live Gonz!” & “Live Gonz! II” which feature a few cleverly reharmonized standards “Just Friends”, “Have You Met Miss Jones?” and featured here “I Remember You” written by Schertzinger/Mercer.
The harmony pays respect to the thirds cycle based chord substitutions of John Coltrane from the 1950’s but takes it beyond those constraints and actually features 8 different key centres and 20 modulations in the 36 bar head!

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Joe Diorio “Bloomdido” solo

I’ve been getting back into the amazing Joe Diorio’s playing and transcribed his take on “Bloomdido”. It starts with a ‘free’ cadenza after the head but when the band enters the solo follows the changes but with his signature twist on things!

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George Benson “Mimosa” Transcription

A solo from one of my current favourite albums “Off The Top” by Jimmy Smith which has Benson in fine form.

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